Linksammlung April 2022

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Hier wieder einige interessante Links rund um die Themen TYPO3 und Webentwicklung, über die ich im April gestolpert bin.


Interessante TYPO3 Extension-Updates / Neue Extensions

  • Amazon AWS S3 FAL driver (CDN)
    aus_driver_amazon_s3 / stable
    Provides a FAL driver for the Amazon Web Service S3.
  • Cookieman
    cookieman / stable / verified logoverified
    Provides a user consent popup. It asks for approval to include tracking objects (cookies, images or any HTML) and includes the objects when consented. It also removes cookies after…
  • powermail
    powermail / stable
    Powermail is a well-known, editor-friendly, powerful and easy to use mailform extension with a lots of features (spam prevention, marketing information, optin, ajax…
  • StaticFileCache
    staticfilecache / stable
    Transparent static file cache solution using mod_rewrite and mod_expires. Increase performance for static pages by a factor of 230!!
  • Dropbox FAL Driver
    dropbox / stable
    Provides a Dropbox driver for TYPO3 File Abstraction Layer.
  • FAL Secure Download
    fal_securedownload / stable
    Secure download of assets. Makes it possible to secure FE use of assets/files by setting permissions to folders/files for fe_groups.
  • Dynamic Content Elements (DCE)
    dce / stable
    Best flexform based content elements since 2012. With TCA mapping feature, simple backend view and much more features which makes it super easy to create own content element types.
  • Mask Export
    mask_export / stable
    Export your mask elements as extension
  • Events 2
    events2 / stable
    Create single and recurring events


Außerdem sind in den letzten Wochen wieder zahlreiche Videos rund um TYPO3 und Web Development auf meinem YouTube-Kanal erschienen. Checkt den gerne auch mal ab.

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