You are currently viewing Linksammlung Mai 2022

Hier wieder einige interessante Links rund um die Themen TYPO3 und Webentwicklung, über die ich im Mai gestolpert bin.



Interessante TYPO3 Extension-Updates / Neue Extensions

  • Events 2
    events2 / stable
    Create single and recurring events
  • Minifier for TYPO3 CMS
    min / stable
    Extends TYPO3’s compressor for JS and CSS with minifier. This may save you up to 70% of default compressed file size. Also compresses HTML output of TYPO3. Full composer support.
  • File Fill
    filefill / stable
    Find and fetch missing local files from different remotes
  • Mask Export
    mask_export / stable
    Export your mask elements as extension
  • JW Auth
    jwauth / stable
    Login to TYPO3 backend with your static IP address
  • CKEditor Fontawesome Add-On
    rte_ckeditor_fontawesome / stable
    Adds the Fontawesome add-on to the CKEditor in TYPO3.
  • Calendarize – Event Management
    calendarize / stable
    Create a structure for timely controlled tables (e.g. events) and one plugin for the different output of calendar views (list, detail, month, year, day, week…). The extension is…
  • Form to Database
    form_to_database / beta
    Extends the TYPO3 form with a very simple database finisher, to save the form-results in the database.
  • Backend tools
    backendtools / stable
    8 admin tools: extension-list, recent pages & elements, backend layouts, redirects import & check, file-deletion, images with no alt or title and link-list.
  • powermail
    powermail / stable
    Powermail is a well-known, editor-friendly, powerful and easy to use mailform extension with a lots of features (spam prevention, marketing information, optin, ajax…


Außerdem sind in den letzten Wochen wieder zahlreiche Videos rund um TYPO3 und Web Development auf meinem YouTube-Kanal erschienen. Checkt den gerne auch mal ab.